Our Most Frequently Asked String of Questions: "Why Brimless? Isn't it just a Beanie?"

It's a Brimless Cap! or more specifically, a Docker Cap. It does have a similar look to the traditional cuffed beanie or as we like to call it - the fisherman style beanie (because we still do enjoy selling beanies alongside our Docker Caps). However if you take a look at the material, it's definitely not an entirely knitted hat as would be a beanie. The Docker Cap has an adjustable strap like the classic baseball cap but no visor. Think of it this way; Baseball cap meets beanie. Brimless means the wind will never be a hassle, neither your hoodie & or headrest will ever be obstructed by a backwards worn visor. Listen to the sound of the wind brushing through the trees with those ears fully exposed or let everyone know what cool ear piercings you got goin' on. Absolutely ANYONE can rock a Brimless Cap!

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